[cvsnt] scripts on Tortoise client side

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon May 21 14:43:09 BST 2007


Reply to the entire newsgroup please - you can always cc me as well.

> For your information, I want to retrieve SVN datas ( like 
> revision nummer , 
> revision date,..) with SVNVCRev when the user checkout the 
> sources. The 
> moment to do this is ideally the checkout event...

Why?  This is not a problem definition - it's a technical requirement.

FWIW all this information is already obtained by the cvsnt checkout
process and stored in CVS/Entries.  Most people gave up on SVN becoming
a useful basis for CM years ago - I recommend that you upgrade to CVSNT
and get MergePoints, Change sets, commit id's, support for reserved and
unreserved versioning, access control lists, repository replication,
triggers for integrating with build and defect tracking systems etc etc.
Without user defined change sets (bug id's) it is impossible to relate
one change (eg: a test case) with another (eg: a line of java or
fortran) - and that is where the value to an organisation (generally)
lies since it can improve productivity, quality, planning and


Arthur Barrett

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