[cvsnt] Problem with cvs on WinVista, instalation, cvs diff strange behaviour...

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu May 24 08:57:13 BST 2007


> However, the EVS's Control Panel (evs worked. 
> I guess that the Control Panels are similar. It even 
> contains the texts "CVSNT" and not "EVS". Possibly some
> difference could be found when compared.

Architecturally they are completely different, in fact the EVS one is
not even a real "control panel" (it has a .exe extension not a .cpl
extension).  I think the aim is for EVS admin to be web based so that
.exe is just a hack for now.  I've no idea if it uses the same or
similar registry settings.

I'll be looking at 2.5.04 on Vista in the next few weeks, if I can
reproduce your problem I will fix it, it not I'll ask you some more



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