[cvsnt] Eclipse and CVSNT

bwhicks at aep.com bwhicks at aep.com
Tue Nov 6 14:41:23 GMT 2007

"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote on 11/05/2007 
08:37:59 PM:

> Brian,
> > Eclipse 3.3. We 
> Havn't tested that particular version - last I tested was 3.1...

I had the same problem with 3.1, but upgraded to the latest to see if it 
made a difference.

> > configured to 
> > emulate the old cvs functionality (respond as cvs 1.11 and 
> > the -n update 
> There are two sets of "compatibility" options Compat 0 and Compat 1 -
> ensure you are setting the options for NON-CVSNT clients.  You need to
> set ALL the compatibility options for non-cvsnt clients for Eclipse to
> work.  If you set the "wrong" option then if you do "cvs ver" from a
> cvsnt client then the server will say it is version 1.11...

Yes, I know. I fiddled with every possible combination of these, trying to 
get it to respond the way Eclipse is expecting, and it seems to make no 
difference whatsoever. 

> You may want to try used extnt if you can't get pserver to work, there
> were instructions posted on the list about a year ago by someone...

Did that too, but pserver seems better supported by Eclipse, so I was 
trying that too. extnt is where we will eventually have to go, because 
cvsnt is integrated with our AD server and Eclipse doesn't support sspi. 
For testing though, I was using pserver just to eliminate a few variables. 

Again, since you didn't address my real question, everything seems to work 
fine when I am running the server on Windows. It's only the Linux version 
that is broken. Can anyone explain this?



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