[cvsnt] Lockserver problem (cvslockd)

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Tue Nov 6 16:12:39 GMT 2007

Andreas Tscharner wrote:
> Tony Hoyle wrote:
>>> Then I found an "outstanding bug" for Debian: "cvsnt: cvslockd 
>>> crashes at startup":
>>  From the comments they had an invalid network configuration (their 
>> hostname->ip address lookup returned, so it was impossible 
>> for software to find out the IP address of the machine).  2382 used to 
>> detect this and display the error but still fall over later.. that was 
>> fixed a while back.
> Please define "a while back"
> I have filed a bug entry (5076) in your database, but never received a 
> mail that this was fixed

Can't remember - I know arthur managed to crash it with a wierd dns 
setup and I fixed it there and then.  It was definately a while back. 
Wasn't aware there was an outstanding bug for it at the time though.

I just had a look at tidying it up a bit and it now has a clearer 
message in that case, but there's not a lot more I can do right now.

The ultimate fix is not to rely on the gethostname/gethostbyname 
combination as it's too dependent on user configuration being correct, 
instead have a function in cvsapi to do the best version for the 
platform (eg. some unixes have a getifaddrs function, XP and above has 
GetAdaptersAddresses, etc.).  Definately something I'll do for evs but 
whether it gets backported to cvsnt is probably up to arthur as the one 
who's got the unenviable job of prioritising my work :p


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