[cvsnt] Gentoo Linux - libcvsapi error

David Buntin dbuntin at econtrols.com
Thu Nov 8 21:02:04 GMT 2007

The repository is CVSNT and we count on some of the features of CVSNT over
CVS. We intentionally never installed CVS on the new server for this reason.

ldconfig solved the missing library error. Thanks!

I'm continuing on with the install...

David Buntin

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David Buntin wrote:
> I'm moving a cvs repository from an old NT4.0 server to a new Gentoo
> Linux 1.12.9 server. The server was setup by another and I have
> little experience with Gentoo or Linux. I tried the Gentoo ebuild,
> but it fails with QA errors. I've fallen back to installing manually
> following the instructions on the cvsnt wiki.

Please note that CVS and CVSNT are two different products. Did you 
uninstall the CVS server, before installing CVSNT?

> Building using "make" and "make install" results in a number of
> warnings but no errors. Attempts to run cvsnt result in the error
> "error while loading shared libraries: libcvsapi-
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory."

on the shell and then re-try to run cvsnt again...

Tony, is there any special way to find the libraries just like in Windows?

Best regards
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