[cvsnt] Corrupted kopt values

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Fri Nov 9 21:11:15 GMT 2007


> Just installed wincvs yesterday evening  version Build 4

Check which CVSNT client is included - from memory it's the (very old

> CVSNT server portion is CVSNT 2.5.01 (Travis) Build 1976

Please upgrade on both client and server.

This problem was reported on and off up until build 2151, but not since.
I don't believe I was ever sent a test set so I'm not really sure what
caused it, but I think it was when a client specified -k optoins during
an import which was overhauled before  

Given that I think your RCS files are corrupt beyond the ability of the
tool to repair - you can try correcting them manually however be sure
you keep unmodified backups for a very long time.

Also - enabling "ignore client side k options"  on the server
compatibility panel prevents clients sending rubbish to the server and
is generally a better way to set up a CVSNT server anyway (so the
.extenstions automatically map to the correct filetypes).


Arthur Barrett


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