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Jan Keirse jan.keirse at tvh.be
Thu Nov 15 09:19:03 GMT 2007

cvsnt-bounces at cvsnt.org wrote on 14/11/2007 21:01:50:

> Julian,
> Jan was on the right track with that answer, but I have a slightly
> different tack.
> Just use ACLs so that users who are not authorised to see that code
> cannot check it out.
> See "cvs chacl" for more information.

While your sollution is generaly the way to go there are actually 
situations where it won't solve the problems.

I'm developing in Progress ABL, a language that requires 
recompilation after a database schema change. 

To make life somewhat easier a lot of software company's deliver
the sourcecode to their customers xcoded. xcode is a utility 
provided by Progress software corporation, that encrypts
the code so it becomes unreadable and unchangeable to the users, 
but the Progress compiler can decode the xcode (the encryption 
is not entirely safe as there is at least one company that 
offers decription if you can prove your the owner of the code,
but quite a few company's can live with that). 

So at least to me the question makes sense, you may very well 
want to be able to commit sources to a repository and immediately
have the xcoded (or eg. obfuscated javascript) available. 
I think the sollution I suggested is the way to go. I don't think
a change to CVSNT to encrypt the source on checkout is necessary
or even a good idea (you'll have to encrypt it on every update, 
instead of once when it's committed).

Off course, you can still use ACL to deny all access to the 
module without obfuscation to the users that don't need access.


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