[cvsnt] CVS Watch

Thomas Jensen cbm_silverflame at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 09:12:58 GMT 2007

I managed to divert the email to an unused username
by hand editing the file attributes xml file.

But when I tried this trick in notify:

ALL F:/cvsbin/devnull.bat $USER $CVSROOT %s

Then the system stopped sending the emails... but only
after quite a while.. 

apparently it takes some time for changes in 
this file to take effect?

the system then presented the cvs users with the
following message:

the system can not find the file specified...

I realized that this file was my devnull.bat ....

even though I called it in the same way as cvsmailer.
Here is the line it should have replaced in
the notify file:

DEFAULT C:/Programs/cvsmailer/CVSMailer.exe -n$CVSPID

I had to reinsert this line to avoid the file not
found message.

The system continues to surprise me.

I think I will try to just avoid specifying anything
in the notify file and see if that solves it.

TIA Thomas

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