[cvsnt] Cannot use WinMerge to vew revision diffs on ISO files...

Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at system3r.se
Tue Nov 27 09:59:58 GMT 2007

I have just discovered a problem with using WinMerge to see the changes
between two versions of an ISO file.

The ISO file is a machine tool NC program and is completely text based.

At first I had trouble adding it as text to the repository.
Even though I clicked the Add as Text button in WinCvs the following
commit made it a binary file!

So I had to remove the file in the repository and edit the Entries file
to get rid of the CVS registration.
Then I again added it using the text button, but this time I looked at
the result locally and sure enough it was marked as binary.
So now before committing I edited the Entries file and removed the -kb
marker from it.
Then I could commit and it stayed as text.

But now the next problem happened:
I had a new revision to the file that i wanted to commit, but first I
wanted to see the differences so i used the DIFF button in WinCvs. This
brought up WinMerge normally but then it popped a message box:
"C:\Documents and Settings\bob\Local
Settings\Temp\G912_SERIAL_1.1_11.iso: the file cannot be accessed by the
Which is bogus because when I go there the file is accessible and
readable by my text editor...

Has anyone seen anything like this?
And is it a WinCvs issue or something with CVSNT (the binary addition)
or WinMerge (the inability of diffing the file)???

I am running CVSNT build 2382 on both server and client.
WinCvs is version (build 1)

Best regards,

Bo Berglund

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