[cvsnt] tag error 'cannot rewrite CVS/Entries.Backup: Too manyopen files'

Matthew McClellan MMcClellan at merkleinc.com
Wed Oct 10 19:07:40 BST 2007

Thanks for the info.  Is this something that I can call support for or
do we need to purchase support?  Is this definitely a bug or is it
possible that a configuration change could resolve the error (like
adding more memory to the server)?

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Glen Starrett wrote:
> I know this was fixed in the commercial side.  Check that you have the

OK, the cobwebs are clearing... I think I was mistaken.

There was a Windows memory problem on the commercial side that we fixed 
about the same time we had the Red Hat only "Too Many Open Files"

The only "too many open files" error that I'm familiar with was found 
only on RHEL.  I don't believe this is the same problem because this is 
the first time I'm aware of a "too many open files" issue on Windows.

Sorry for the confusion.


Glen Starrett
Technical Account Manager, North America
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