[cvsnt] Access Set-Up - Cannot read from repository

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Wed Oct 24 16:25:18 BST 2007

Thomas.Erby at haden-bml.co.uk wrote:
> Hi,
> Further to my earlier issue when using the cmdline instead of the RAD 
> client i am getting the error when trying to checkout - "cvs server: User 
> hbml\TErby cannot read DWPATWBuild". As before i am the owner and admin 
> for the project, i have AclMode=normal, and have all access to DWPATWBuild
> . I have added an entry into the readers file and then alternatively into 
> the writers file with no success. Any ideas as what to do next??
> Alternatively if i try and then set the systemauth=no with AclMode=normal, 
> i get the error - "cvs [ls aborted]: no such user hbml\TErby in 
> CVSROOT/passwd" even though there is an entry for that user. I thought 
> mabe this might be something to do with alias' so when trying to alias i 
> get - "cvs [passwd aborted]: User 'TErby' is not a real user on the 
> system." Which system because of course i am a NT user??

To Windows, hbml\TErby and TErby are often two different users... 
domains are considered significant (and Windows has its own nonobvious 
rules about what happens when you don't specify the domain).

We need more information though - what client/server version, what OS 
for the client and server (I'm guessing Windows for the client), what 
protocols are you using to connect, what ACLs are you setting, any 
helpful trace output, etc.


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