[cvsnt] Windows Server Lock-ups

Ross Braden rbraden at clarussystems.com
Thu Oct 25 20:20:10 BST 2007

Running out of options here.  We've reinstalled on a new system, moved
the repository to it, and we're still getting issues where the server
(WS2003 SP2) is hanging.  Get normal behavior for a few hours or a few
days - then we'll get no response from the cvs service.  Typicaly, ICMP
is still up, but RDP, console login, remote Windows Computer Management
etc are all unresponsive.  We don't get a thing in the event logs,
Anti-Virus exceptions are setup right...  and I'm grasping at straws.

v. 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Bld 2382

What would be the best steps to diagnose the problem?


Thanks much!


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