[cvsnt] CVSNT

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Fri Oct 26 17:36:00 BST 2007

OK there's a new 2.5.04 testing release.  It's pretty much a build of 
everything in 2.5.04 thus far.

This release uses signed binaries.  That's a feature to be used in the 
commercial releases (helps support if you're 100% sure the right files 
are in use) and probably isn't relevent to the OSS releases but for this 
build at least it's enabled, just to see how it goes.

Sync protocol has been fixed so it actually works now..

cvsagent has been backported from the evs release and uses a better 
method of communicating with the client, which is compatible with 
terminal server.

There are a number of post-2.5.03 release fixes that are to be merged.. 
I'm not sure which ones but I'm sure Arthur can supply a list of 
relevant bug numbers if you need it.

This hasn't undergone all the testing I would have liked but I know we 
promised that there would be a release today.  As it's a minor update 
from what's been available previously there shouldn't be any issues, though.


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