[cvsnt] protocol ssh - switch from cvs 1.12 to CVSNT

Stefan Bertels post at stefan-bertels.de
Mon Sep 24 12:20:18 BST 2007


I want to replace a Linux cvs server by CVSNT. Currently I use this 
CVSROOT configuration: ":ssh;hostname=myserver:/cvsrepo" This way it is 
possible to have a common sandbox for some users (Windows login name 
will be used). On some other machines I use 

This works with CVSNT client (windows) and cvs server (Linux, 1.12). I 
did not have to setup anything on the server (like server startup or 
inetd), so setup is very easy. Can I use this simple way (ssh protocol) 
for Linux CVSNT server, too? Are changes on any client necessary? 
Because I want to test CVSNT first, I am looking for some easy way to 
allow switching between cvs and CVSNT.

With kind regards

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