[cvsnt] 2.5.04 stable / feedback on Vista and W2008?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Apr 3 12:08:00 BST 2008


> >(actually now I think about it maybe there is only an x64 version of
> >2008...).
> But aren't you testing on both platforms???? 
> And there are evaluation downloads available!

This is an open source community project - testing is not any one user
or organisations responsibility.  As you point out - there are
evaluation versions available which allow many users in the community to
contribute by testing and reporting the results.

> Don't you have access to MSDN or an Action Pack 
> subscription? 

The commercial project does and tests the commercial releases.

> No, there are x86-32 and x86-64 versions. 

Our development laptops are all running XP 64 bit (we tried Vista 64 bit
for a while...) and we even donated one of these laptops to the
TortoiseCVS project so they can develop and test on x64 too.


Arthur Barrett

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