[cvsnt] Cvs rlog fails accessing openssl.org repository

Matt Seitz (matseitz) matseitz at cisco.com
Tue Apr 15 19:25:53 BST 2008

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> From: Arthur Barrett [mailto:arthur.barrett at march-hare.com] 
> one of the many reasons why we include the :ssh: client 
> in CVSNT is so we don't need to debug 1000's of ssh clients 
> (and users don't need to install two pieces of software when 
> one should do).

That makes sense.   In that case, should CVSNT just use the internal ":ssh:" by default?  

While I have a workaround for now, I'm curious whether I can get the external SSH client to work.  Is there any documentation for how the ":ext:" option expects the external client to behave?

> > However, there is a confusing
> > message displayed first.  
> > 
> It only appears until you select 'yes' by typing 'y'.

I suspected that.  Still, I expect it would be confusing for any new users, especially if they aren't familiar with SSH clients.  Is there a way to file a suggested enhancement to improve this message?

Matt Seitz
Manager, File System Virtualization
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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