[cvsnt] Commit of larger binary files into branch failswith

Herrmann, Sascha (GE Healthcare) Sascha.Herrmann at med.ge.com
Tue Dec 2 12:15:17 GMT 2008


Thanks for your reply!

> However even on a branch
> the maximum memory used should by typically no more than 4 revisions
> worth.

I wonder why in our case the memory usage spikes to such heights?
The file to checkin has exactly 14.126.080 bytes. With CVSNT crashing at
790.000.000 bytes it's not "4 revisions" but more like "60 revisions". I
recorded the memory usage with the Windows built-in performance monitor.
The memory curve looks like a shark fin.
Could the RCS file be damaged? Is there a way to determine/log what is
going wrong?

We previously used CVS (not CVSNT) on Solaris. The file (and the branch)
was initially created under CVS.
Could that be a factor?

> If you are going to work with large binary files (or small binary
> with lots of revisions) then we recommend a 64 bit OS like SLES9, HPUX
> 11i or Solaris 9 Sparc

Well, that ship has sailed. We used to have a Solaris server for CVS.
But due to company policies we were forced to replace it with a Windows


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