[cvsnt] How to invoke internal mailer

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Sun Dec 14 22:52:59 GMT 2008

> As far as I remember I *had* to add a line in the notify file
> like ALL mail %s To get the internal mailer kicked off... 
> but that's what I need to retest now

If you mean the CVSROOT/notify_email file and if your template is named
'CVSROOT/mail' then yes - as per the documentation, if you mean
CVSROOT/notify then no that is not needed for the e-mail trigger.

CVSROOT/notify is used for older style integrations like CVSMailer.
Whilst the 'API' CVSMailer uses is quite old it is apparently quite a
comprehensive package, we never intended the e-mail trigger to be a
replacement for CVSMailer - more to provide a 'simpler' (and cross
platform) way to get e-mail running quickly and to provide a 'template'
for other people to contribute enhancements to.



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