[cvsnt] How to invoke internal mailer

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Dec 16 21:56:27 GMT 2008

You downloaded the ZIP file of 2.5.03.  The newer 2.5.04 and 2.5.05 zip
files are in cvsnt.org/archive, but regardless the best and easiest way
to look at the sources is to use your CVSNT client (in fact the Suite
Studio free edition in 2.5.04 even allows you to browse the
cvs.cvsnt.org repo and open files without checking out to your desktop).
The 2.5.04 source ZIP will be available on march-hare.com in due course.

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	From: Bart S [mailto:barts2108 at yahoo.co.uk] 
	Sent: Wednesday, 17 December 2008 8:51 AM
	To: Arthur Barrett; cvsnt at cvsnt.org
	Subject: Re: [cvsnt] How to invoke internal mailer
	I downloaded the sources from march-hare.com yesterday
	and the same bug is in there. it was the reason to download
	the code that I can download from the march-hare.com website


	From: Arthur Barrett <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com>
	To: Bart S <barts2108 at yahoo.co.uk>; cvsnt at cvsnt.org
	Sent: Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 22:49:13
	Subject: RE: [cvsnt] How to invoke internal mailer
	> Any time to file the bug report that I mentioned before ?
	You mean this one:
	> m_sock.printf("RCPT TO:<s@%s>\r\n",to[n].c_str(),emaildomain);
	>                      ^^^
	As can be seen from a quick look at the repository - Tony fixed
that 2.5
	years ago:
	date: 2006/06/02 09:20:03;  author: tmh;  state: Exp;  lines: +4
	kopt: kv;
	filename: email_trigger.cpp;
	email trigger
	cvs diff -r -r email_trigger.cpp
	Index: email_trigger.cpp
	RCS file: /usr/local/cvs/cvsnt/triggers/email_trigger.cpp,v
	retrieving revision
	retrieving revision
	diff -r1.1.2.23 -r1.1.2.24
	<                      CServerIo::trace(3,"SMTP C: RCPT TO:
	<                      m_sock.printf("RCPT TO:
	>                      CServerIo::trace(3,"SMTP C: RCPT
	>                      m_sock.printf("RCPT
	<                      CServerIo::trace(3,"SMTP C: RCPT TO:
	<                      m_sock.printf("RCPT TO:
	>                      CServerIo::trace(3,"SMTP C: RCPT
	>                      m_sock.printf("RCPT
	If you want to look at the CVSNT code please check out from
	cvs.cvsnt.org.  Do not use extremely out of date web mirrors of
	repository for basing any analysis on.  We also strongly
recommend that
	you run the latest stable release 2.5.04 and test all bugs
against the
	testing release 2.5.05.
	Arthur Barrett

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