[cvsnt] Core dumps on Solaris 10

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Dec 22 20:21:59 GMT 2008


> I'm running the Solaris 9 cvsnt package on Solaris 10.  While it seems 
> that cvsnt commands are executing successfully (repository / files are 
> correct,

32 bit or 64 bit?

What plugins are enabled?  Audit? If so what database?

> triggers are executed, etc.), I'm getting unreported core dumps on the 
> server side (using pserver).  It seems that I'm getting these core files 
> for each cvsnt command.

The set ServerTraceFile=/tmp/log123.txt in /etc/cvsnt/PServer and run any 
command on a client that connects to the server, then open /tmp/log123.txt 
on the server and find the point that the server suddenly stops (towards the 
end of the log) and e-mail just those few lines to the group.

> Anyone else seen this?

Not recently, no.



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