[cvsnt] Script execution problem

Gagne, Michael michael.gagne at cgi.com
Tue Feb 5 23:04:06 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,
I'm using your product because I have only windows servers at work.  The product is great.  It does everything I need until today.  
I did a script to check for empty commit message.  The script works great on my computer (Windows XP).  When I try it in a command promt, it works great too (with admin rights).  The CVSNT server run as service under the SYSTEM user.  When I try to commit with an empty message, I got this message : 
"Script execution failed"
and the commit process continue.

Any idea why the script cannot be executed when started fron the service as SYSTEM user ?





Server is Windows 2003 server.

commitinfo line is :

ALL cscript.exe C:/PATH/checkCommitMessage.vbs %s




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