[cvsnt] cannot create <...> for copying: No space left on device

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Feb 12 21:27:28 GMT 2008


> Well, I keep all source and tools in a common tree, which is maybe
> 1GB.  But I rarely co the whole thing, and I seem to get errors  even
> when I drill way down into subfolders (where it died on previous
> checkout) and go from there, which is usually only a few MB, and I
> still see 200MB free on /tmp.
> If I need the entire GB free on /tmp to co any part of the subtree, I
> fail to see how it ever worked.

If you are just checking out fred.cpp then no you wont need the whole
tree of space.

Try the following:
* enable "allow clients to trace server" in /etc/cvsnt/PServer on the
* check out the smallest thing you can find that produces the error with
a trace:
cvs -ttt co path/to/file/file.cpp

And look at the last few lines of the trace and that will hopefully
explain what is going wrong.



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