[cvsnt] Question about CVSNT and Unicode files

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Feb 20 09:55:26 GMT 2008

Upgrade to CVSNT 2.5.03 (stable) or 2.5.04 (testing) documentation on keywords is here:
To change file.ext from -ku to to -kucs2le you would do this:
cvs up -kucs2le file.ext
cvs ci -f -m "change to ucs2le" file.ext
To change 'new' files with the extension .txt to be ucs2le by default you need to alter the cvswrappers.

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	I am using:
	WinCvs (Build 4), on Vista 64, all updates installed
	CVSNT 2.0.51d, on Windows 2003 Server, 32 bit, all updates installed.
	Flags on the file ar -ku. What happens is that even if the file is indeed Unicode, a conversion to UTF-8 is done at commit time, and this is where the weird characters arfe from.
	How do I set a specific code page for CVSNT?
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	Bogdan Farcasanu,
	Part 2...
	> The problem is 
	> that When CVS commits the changes the file it makes a few 
	> changes (like adding  at the beginning of the file, and 
	> replacing some special Eastern Europen characters). 
	What is the codepage of the server and client? What versions of CVSNT are you running on the server and the client?  What OS are you running on the server and the client?  What is the output of cvsdiag on the server (or if the server is linux/unix what is the /etc/cvsnt/Pserver file settings)?  If you do 'cvs ver' from a sandbox what is the answer?  If you enable the server to 'allow clients to trace server' then do a trace commit on the client 'cvs -ttt ci -m "" filename.ext' what does the trace say the server and local codepages are?


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