[cvsnt] cvsnt server on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

William E. Linn, Jr. wlinn at linnsoft.com
Tue Jul 1 16:23:05 BST 2008

Yes, same error. Using terminal, I cd to a directory that I have previously

cvs update
connect to localhost:2401 failed: Connection refused


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Am 27.06.2008, 17:50 Uhr, schrieb William E. Linn, Jr. <bill at linnsoft.com>:
> After upgrading to 10.5 ssh access continues to work
> fine but I can no longer access the repository locally using MacCvsX  
> 3.3b2.

Do you get the same error using cvsnt from the command line?

Best regards,
Tilo Riemer

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