[cvsnt] Getting into CVSNT

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jul 8 21:32:20 BST 2008


Send your questions to the newsgroup not to me.

> Thanks for the reply.  Here's the problem.
> CVS works just fine when I access a local repository from the command 
> line.  

NEVER EVER EVER use :local: - it is for the developers of CVSNT and no
one else (ok - maybe for a few other "experts" - but definitely not for
a novice).

> I don't need to "log in."  But my real objective is to 
> access CVS 
> from Eclipse.  (I'm writing a book on using Eclipse for embedded 
> software development and part of one chapter is about CVS and team 
> programming.)  Eclipse doesn't use the :local: protocol and 
> defaults to 
> :pserver:.

Use :pserver: from the command line...

> Do I understand correctly that pserver is supposed to use the 
> system's 
> user names and passwords?  But when I try to connect to the local 
> repository from Eclipse it doesn't accept my password.  It comes back 
> with an authentication error.
> By the way, the host is running RHEL 4.

Have you read about the recommended protocols (pserver is NOT
recommended), scroll to the bottom of this page:

For a RHEL server I suggest you use :ssh:/:ext: protocol which will not
require further configuration.  If you do really want to use :pserver
then you must configure the server inetd or xinetd:

> TIA for any insights you can offer.



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