[cvsnt] Intermittent group membership / security error

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Jun 2 13:41:34 BST 2008

> Nsswitch.conf appears to be good on our system, but the 
> problem has gone 
> into hibernation since Thursday (until this Tuesday afternoon?) I 
> reasonably expect it's going to occur again, and don't know 
> where to start 
> in troubleshooting the CVSROOT\group file not being read when 
> it starts 
> again,

When does the time get sync'ed on this server?  When it starts occurring
try syncing the time of both the client and the server to a known good
time source (/sbin/ntpdate pool.ntp.org).

Try running in :local: mode and doing an strace (on the server), ie:
strace cvsnt -tttt -d :local:/path/to/repo co module

You could also try switching systemauth off and seeing how that affects



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