[cvsnt] Workspace manager could not find Application Loader?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jun 3 12:37:52 BST 2008


> Is there no way to get either the WM from 2.5 build or from 
> the EVS build to 
> work without being forced to use the installer?

It's not the installer - if you use the 'bin' package it'll work
provided everything is in one directory or on the PATH.  WM needs every
CVSNT DLL to work correctly (except if you are using SSPI you don't need
PSERVER etc).  WMfree is an example of how to call the CVSNT API - hence
you need the entire API.  To avoid DLL hell all CVSNT programs check the
version of the DLL on startup, so CVSNT will not load CVSNT DLLs.  In 2.5.04 the signature is also checked as explained
in the release notes.



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