[cvsnt] Out of memory on checkout

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Fri Jun 6 02:55:17 BST 2008


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> Does rebooting the CVS server have any affect on the memory 
> reallocation bug?  i.e. reseting it?

Not in my experience.  It's a bug in the microsoft c runtime library, not a bug in the OS itself.  If you write a program that does the same 'realloc' using the native windows memory API then the error does not occur.  Our workaround patch gives the cvs admin 3 options" 'allocate all memory in one block', 'allocate large blocks' or 'try using windows memory API'.  The last option is the one we want to commit into the next (2.5.05) open source release but involves a lot of testing since if we allocate some block with the native api and there is a free() to release it using the windows native api then it comes to a crashing halt.



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