[cvsnt] import statement just hangs

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Sat Jun 7 19:27:56 BST 2008

Well shucks!

How do make other machines' directory structure match the original machine?
For example, in the beginning (when importing . used to work) I did this:

cd \
mkdir business
cd business
cvs import -Cdn business root
vi stuff
cvs add stuff

Then on the original machine, the path was business/stuff but on the other
machines, it was business/business/stuff. I did not like the extra layer of

So I learned some time ago (it has been a while) to do

cd \
mkdir business
cd business
cvs import -Cd . root trunk

And that fixed the problem! On all machines it would be the same path!

Can I still do that?

I hope so!
How do I do it?

I just upgraded and it still hangs. The mystery is: why did it used to work
and suddenly stop working when I did not perform any upgrade?


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>siegfried wrote:
>> cvs -d :pserver:siegfried:topsecret at CVS_WXS/CVSNT/WXS import -Cd . root
>> trunk
>You shouldn't import to '.' - the import command should probably stop 
>you doing that.  Give your new module a proper name, otherwise you've 
>just created a very strange repository!  I'm also not 100% sure what the 
>server will do if you try to do that...
>> I was able to log in using the login command.
>> Incidently, when I do cvs --help import I see the second parameter is
>> tag. What is the vendor tag? 
>> And what is the release tag? I think the release tag shows up when you do
>> branch.
>See the manual for import.  These are for the traditional cvs way of 
>doing imports (which still works, but I never really liked it myself).
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