[cvsnt] Wanted: examples of vendor and release tags for import command

Alexey Panchenko alex.panchenko at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 02:27:53 BST 2008


vendor-tag is the name of the automatically created BRANCH
release-tag is the name of automatically created TAG

First you import version N, some time later vendor releases version N+1 and
you import it too.
That results in different tags for different versions. And all of the tags
are in the same branch.

this is described with examples in

If you want just import the sources once and continue development then the
tag names are really not important to you.
But if you are going to maintain you own customized version of some software
(and want to upgrade your version when new releases are available) then you
should these tags.



On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 01:33, siegfried <siegfried at heintze.com> wrote:

> OK, I've read the docs and I have read the responses and I still don't
> understand the vendor and release tags on the import statement.
> Can you provide some examples of vendor tags and release tags (perhaps with
> annotations) of what you do when using the import command? What vendor does
> vendor refer to in the term "vendor tag"? My company? My client? Some third
> party vendor? Who?
> Thanks,
> Siegfried
> >Siegfried,
> >
> >> I've been checking out and checking in code to existing
> >> repositories and
> >> cvsnt v2.5.02 has been working fine. However, the following
> >> statement just
> >> hangs:
> >>
> >> cvs -d :pserver:siegfried:topsecret at CVS_WXS/CVSNT/WXS import
> >> -Cd . root
> >> trunk
> >
> >Upgrade to the RC of 2.5.04 available on the www.cvsnt.org/wiki web
> >site.  IF the problem still occurs in that release we can ask some more
> >questions and look into it.  2.5.02 is quite old now.
> >
> >> Incidently, when I do cvs --help import I see the second
> >> parameter is vendor
> >> tag. What is the vendor tag?
> >>
> >> And what is the release tag? I think the release tag shows up
> >> when you do a
> >> branch.
> >
> >
> >The 'import' command is for creating 'vendor branches' it is not
> >actually an import at all.  In 2.5.03 we tried to generalise it a little
> >and removed the requirement for 'release tag' and 'vendor tag' but the
> >history of the command is the same - it's not designed to import, it's
> >designed to create a vendor branch.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >
> >Arthur
> >
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