[cvsnt] import statement just hangs

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Wed Jun 11 04:19:30 BST 2008

OK, I've installed 2.5.04 recently. I have a new project I want to have its
own repository.
So I edit my c:\windows\system32\drives\etc\hosts and add "

Then I do

bash-3.2$ cvs -d :pserver:siegfried:topsecret at CVS_DBXML/CVSNT/DBXML login
Logging in to :pserver:siegfried at cvs_dbxml:2401:/CVSNT/DBXML
bash-3.2$ pwd

Now I run Visual Studio 2005 to create a simple console mode project, I
compile the project and then clean and exit visual studio. My source code is
now in C:\dev\sandboxes\DBXML\DBXMLDumpLoad\DBXMLDumpLoad Whew! That is a
lot of sub directories!

bash-3.2$ cvs -d :pserver:siegfried:X88bsl07 at CVS_DBXML/CVSNT/DBXML import
-Cd DBXML root trunk

I've been waiting for a long time now. I think it is hung.
Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?


>siegfried wrote:
>> Well shucks!
>> How do make other machines' directory structure match the original
>> For example, in the beginning (when importing . used to work) I did this:
>> C:
>> cd \
>> mkdir business
>> cd business
>> cvs import -Cdn business root
>> vi stuff
>> cvs add stuff
>> Then on the original machine, the path was business/stuff but on the
>> machines, it was business/business/stuff. I did not like the extra layer
>> directories!
>There's no reason at all why the other machine would be 
>business/business/stuff.  What are you using for your checkout?  In fact 
>the module name doesn't need to have anything to do with where it's 
>checked out, although it normally does for simplicity.
>I have to admit I've never seen anyone create an empty module in that 
>way - although there's no reason it wouldn't work - normally you'd have 
>existing sources to import (cvs really doesn't have a standard way to 
>create empty modules.. my normal way is to checkout the root node and do 
>a cvs add).
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