[cvsnt] CVS and Firewall

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Jun 11 23:24:53 BST 2008

> CVSROOT is the following form:
> :pserver:<username>@cvsps.bcm.com:/projects

And what is cvsps.bcm.com to your client, is it in the same building, in
another, outside your organisation etc or is it a computer sitting next
to your desk?

Find the IP address of cvsps.bcm.com, eg:

  nslookup cvsps.bcm.com

Compare the execution speeds of these two commands (replace <username>
and <ip address> with a real value):

cvs :pserver:<username>@cvsps.bcm.com:/projects rls 
cvs :pserver:<username>@<ip address>:/projects rls 



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