[cvsnt] Setting client encoding

Mitch Davis mjd-cvsnt at afork.com
Mon Jun 23 02:08:29 BST 2008


I am in China, and I want to use CVSNT on a Windows server and client.
 I would like CVSNT to use Unicode (ideally UTF-8), but I'm having
trouble getting both sides set.  The default appears to be GBK.

I can set the server to be Unicode using the control panel, but how
can I set the client?  I have tried playing with the chcp command, and
setting the LANG environment variable, but with no result.  This
problem is also affecting ViewVC, especially with filenames that have
Chinese characters in the name.

Here is a log of the CVSNT session (server not presently set to Unicode):

D:\Manuscripts>"c:\Program Files\CVSNT\cvs.exe" -t -d
":pserver:Zzzzzz at" co -c
15:51:15:   -> Tracelevel set to 1.  PID is 3932
15:51:15:   -> Session ID is f5c485e04732d94
15:51:15:   -> Session time is Sun Jun 22 07:51:15 2008
15:51:15:   -> main loop with CVSROOT=:pserver:Zzzzzz at
15:51:16:   -> Server codepage is GBK
15:51:16:   -> Client codepage is GBK
15:51:16:   -> Server version is CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2382
15:51:16:   -> Client version is CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2382
15:51:16:   -> Requesting server cvsignore
15:51:16:   -> Requesting server cvswrappers
15:51:16:   -> Requesting server cvsrc (read-cvsrc2)

I can change the server codepage, but how about the client codepage?

Any help would be appreciate.  If this is a Windows setup issue, a
pointer to a web page would be great.



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