[cvsnt] cvsnt doubt

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jun 24 17:01:09 BST 2008


> We have downloaded free version of 
> CVS NT ( 2.0.51d ) from cvsnt.org
> website.

Where did you find this ancient version?  It has many bugs and security issues - stop using it immediately and download 2.5.03 or the test release 2.5.04.

> It would be of great help if you could explain us how to set the user's
> permissions, I,e

See the FAQ:

READ THE MANUAL. If you are looking at how to set up "locking", "access control", "permissions", "only user XYZ should be able to create/import" etc. etc. then this is the place to go looking, in particular the chacl, lsacl, setting permissions and config sections.

> This needs to be handled in the OS level.. give the appropriate
> permission thru "sharing and security"

This advice is wrong.



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