[cvsnt] Changelogs availability and updating from 2.0.58->2.5.x

Ben bda20 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jun 26 13:06:57 BST 2008

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, Arthur Barrett wrote:

>>> I note that there's a cvsnt- RPM available.  Is there a 
>>> changelog for what's gone on since the version we currently have 
>>> installed.
> You mean the source code ?

No, changelogs like most other applications have when they move from version 
to version.  A list of what bugs have been squashed, what new features have 
been added.  Those kinds of things.  So people know what to expect from the 
new release.

> The commercial side keep fairly extensive changelogs, but the open source 
> changelog is pretty much limited to what's in the release notes.

OK, then I guess I want the release notes.  I'm happy to trudge through all 
of them between 2.0.58 and 2.5.03 if you can point me at where they all are 
online.  Thanks!

>> Security fixes I can deal with.  Major changes in functionality leading 
>> to current repositories becoming corrupted and clients being no longer 
>> able to connect or losing history/state/anything else woe-inducing I 
>> can't.
> We never plan to add woe to new releases, but occasionally does happen.


> Best plan is to test the upgrade on a 'test' box with a copy of the 
> current repository.  There is an RC / current testing release on 
> cvsnt.org/wiki that will be declared stable in the next few days (though I 
> have said that before).

I'm happy just to move to any 2.5.x release.  I can imagine that any 
releases past that will be significantly less worrisome to upgrade to.  It's 
this first one from 2.0.x to 2.5.x that has me cautious.

>> Watch for the administrative files under CVSROOT.  It wouldn't entirely 
>> surprise me if an RPM upgrade blasted them.
> No upgrade ever touches the repository.  But /etc/xinetd.d/cvsnt and 
> /etc/cvsnt/PServer.example may be blown away.

Those are easy to deal with.  Glad to know I wasn't getting confused. 
Given my users tend to use only the barest subset of cvs commands would you 
say (in an unofficial and non-binding way) that there shouldn't be any 
problem doing the upgrade with regard to repository breakage, access and 
client connectivity (rejigging of config files notwithstanding)?

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