[cvsnt] Betr.: Re: Latest Updates - CVSNT 2.5.04 Build 3052 (RC6) and 3055(RC7)

Jan Keirse jan.keirse at tvh.be
Wed May 7 11:26:19 BST 2008

 "Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> schreef op 07/05/2008 

> Jan,
> > what's the sync protocol for? 
> It passes writes (commit/tag) through the 'slave' to the master.

Aha! I thought the slave repository could only used for reading and 
commits would just fail instead of being passed through.

> > If a read-only client connected to the slave server does an 
> > update of a file that has been changed in the master 
> > but has not yet been rsynced to the slave, will the sync 
> > protocol be used to provide the client with the 
> > updates in the master, or will the client only get the 
> > updates that had already been rsynced to the slave server?
> You need to ensure that the rsync is triggered by the postcommand.  The
> crontab is a good 'backup'.
> In months of using it I've never seen an update NOT get the correct
> version.

We trigger an update on a sandbox from the server, so we'll have to be 
carefull about timing if we were to do the same on a sandbox connected 
to the slave server.

What happens if a user updates a file from the slave server exactly at the 

same time the file is being updated by rsync? Is this handled? 
While unlickely for regular sourcefiles I can see it happen for large 

> There was a long discussion on cvsnt-dev recently about whether a single
> large repo or lots of small repo's are better.  If you are using the
> master/slave feature then I can see that splitting up your repo could
> quicken the rsync process.

Or creative use of rsync and the commit support files to just sync the 
that have been committed. After all that can be determined from %s.

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