[cvsnt] Problem branching, then error on commit in CVSNT

Andrew Cushen andrew at cushen.com
Wed May 7 20:59:31 BST 2008


> are you certain you used just:
> cvs ci -m ""

I actually copied and pasted the command from your e-mail, so I'm sure it's
correct. I tried again, and will send the results to the other e-mail
address (support etc.).

> I'm assuming you are just using the standard cmd.exe

Yes. Just the standard command prompt, Windows Vista on the client, Windows
XP Pro on the server.

>  You can check for a server side cvsrc

No server side cvsrc according to the command you gave me, unless I
mis-typed something:

C:\Users\Andy>cvs -d :pserver:Andy at New-P4:/clientwebsite co -p CVSROOT/cvsrc
Checking out CVSROOT/cvsrc
RCS:  /clientwebsite/CVSROOT/cvsrc,v
VERS: 1.1

However: I also took a look in the /CVSROOT directory on the server: "cvsrc"
is an empty file, but there is a "cvsrc,v". I will send that along, as well.

> A local cvsrc file can be found with:
> type %HOME%\.cvsrc

I actually get a "Windows cannot find the path" with any variation on
%HOME%. I did a Search on the client PC (Which is running Windows Vista
Business) for "*cvsrc*" and it found nothing.

At this point I should probably remind you that I was also using the PushOK
plug-in. Could that be storing the old path somewhere? I looked through all
the files in the hidden "CVS" directory that PushOK creates, and I did find
one file with the old repository path, a file named "root". I fixed it. I
still get the same results...
And I was also using WinCVS.

I'll send the new log files and the cvsrc file shortly.

Thanks again,


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