[cvsnt] Problem branching, then error on commit in CVSNT

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu May 8 23:51:49 BST 2008


> I'm guessing that you're going to recommend dumping my 
> original sandbox

Yep.  In fact it's a good idea to regularly dump your sandbox and check
out a clean copy to a new location - just proves everything is working

> I believe it is only 
> the source files,
> not the VS Project file, that are under source control; 

I hope not. If it is the case then just add the project files manually
in the clean directory if that is the case.

> If I try to open Visual Studio then use the "Open from source control"
> command on the File menu, and point VS to the Repository, I 
> get an error
> saying there is no project file in the directory. Which, of 
> course, there
> isn't.

That is an error you'd need to raise with whoever supports the PushOK

> Any recommendations? I could switch to the March Hare plug-in 

Switching to a plugin with support is a good idea.  Of course I'd
recommend the March Hare one since March Hare employ me and also provide
the funding for the the CVSNT project developers and equipment.
Purchasing CVS Suite is a good way to conribute back to the project.
Note: CVS Suite uses a different version of the CVSNT client and server
which you'll need to upgrade to.


Arthur Barrett

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