[cvsnt] Problem branching, then error on commit in CVSNT

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Sat May 10 05:06:06 BST 2008


> First, there are a couple files which were "automatically" 
> deleted during
> previous Updates, which should *not* have been deleted, when 
> I was trying to
> straighten things out on my own, before I first e-mailed you. 
> Can I just
> restore these files from my back-up into the new "clean" 
> sandbox? I don't
> want them to wind up getting deleted again during the next Update, if
> they're not present in the repository. I would think I could 
> just Add them
> as new files, then Commit them, but I had no luck when I 
> tried this before.
> Do you think this will also have been straightened out by the 
> steps you had
> me take?

Please ask your questions on the newsgroup.

In a clean sandbox you should be able to "cvs add" or "cvs remove" or
anything else.
> Second, I suspect that, in order to get things working with the PushOK
> plug-in, I am going to have to move the files in the new 
> "clean" sandbox
> back into the directory that contained my original, messed-up 
> sandbox. 

If you delete the old sandbox completely then do a clean checkout in the
same location thinks should work - but my understanding is you tried
this previously - you've probably found a bug in PushOK and there is
nothing to do but to fix the bug.


Arthur Barrett

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