[cvsnt] Permission mismatch

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue May 13 02:07:32 BST 2008


> a Windows XP SP2 machine using SmartCVS 
> Foundation 6.0.7 as the client. 

That is not a client - you need to find which cvs.exe it is actually
using and report that as the client, from a checked out sandbox just
type "cvs ver" and cvs should tell you the client version.

> How should the permissions on the files in 
> the repository be set for each file?  

That is a different unrelated question.  If you are really interested
the start a new thread please.  The permissions in your original
question are the permissions recorded "inside" the repository files.  

If you are using a windows client then you can probably just ignore the
warning since windows does not use those permissions most of the time
(the exceptions were exaplained in the previous e-mail).



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