[cvsnt] tag a tagged version

Tilo Riemer triemer at vision-experts.com
Tue May 13 07:49:18 BST 2008


Am 10.05.2008, 14:35 Uhr, schrieb Gerhard Fiedler  
<lists at connectionbrazil.com>:

> Tilo Riemer wrote:
>> It's not necessary to update your sandbox.
>> cvs -x tag -r <old_tag> <new_tag> [files]
>> does the job.
> AFAIK, this tag command tags only the files that are in the sandbox where
> it's used. If you use rtag with the same command (and giving the repo  
> root
> for [files]), it should tag all files in the repository that have old_tag
> with new_tag. Am I wrong?

cvs tag
tags only the files in sandbox.

cvs rtag -r <old_tag> <new_tag> module
works as expected.

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