[cvsnt] GUI shells fro CVSNT clients?

Luigi D. Sandon cp at sandon.it
Mon May 19 10:59:54 BST 2008

>Does anyone here know the state of the CVSGui project? Is it
>abandoned/frozen or what?

I would have liked to know it too - but was unable to find informations.

>I am missing support for certain CVSNT specific operations that one now

Some could be implemented via macro, but of course having them integrated 
would be far better - there's already a macro to "change file options" in 
the CVS macro group.

> Is there a WinCvs replacement available that handles these new features

AFAIK there is CrossVC (XXL), but I do not know how many of the "newer" 
CVSNT features have been implemented.

> I have heard about Tortoise, but since it is an Explorer integration

It looks most users are happy with it - although I do not like Explorer 
extensions as well, and prefer the way WinCVS displays files and their 

Luigi D. Sandon

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