[cvsnt] cvs && xemacs

str shlomot at dsp.co.il
Wed May 21 07:29:42 BST 2008


my question isn't about the WinCvs.
could you help how can i create/fix/redefine the CVSROOT.
or give a reference to these info . (bare in mine the xemacs is in cygwin 

Best Regards,

"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1089.1211350607.1277.cvsnt at cvsnt.org...

> The WinCvs window application is working fine.
> but when i'm using the xemacs [running from the Cygwin on Window-XP
> pltform], and access (read/modify) my files
> i  get the following CVS error messages :
> cvs status: WARNING: Ignoring method options found in CVSROOT:
> `username=shlomot;hostname=cvsnt'.

This is not the WinCVS forum and the problem you are seeing is due to
using the WinCVS 'wizard' to create a CVSROOT.  Don't use the wizard,
manually enter a 'normal' CVSROOT intead, ie:
    :sspi:shlomot at cvsnt:/repo

Your existing sandbox is no good - you'll need to create it again using
a 'real' CVSROOT (not one created using the WinCVS wizard) or instead
use the macro to fix it.


Arthur Barrett

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