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str shlomot at dsp.co.il
Sun May 25 05:17:29 BST 2008


Server : CVSNT Version: 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2382 (client/server) OS 
Version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 4

Client : WinCvs (Build 4) , OS : Windows XP+SP2 , Cygwin version 
2.573.2.2 includes CVS  1.11.22 (client/server)

How can I switch between WinCvs  and cygwin - cvs ?

Or, how can I disable the WinCVS and set the cygwin-cvs. (cvs -d 
":sspi:shlomot at cvsnt:/repo" not works)



"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1104.1211399121.1277.cvsnt at cvsnt.org...

> but when apply the
> cvs -d ":sspi:shlomot at cvsnt:/repo"
> command in the cygwin shell, i got
> the "usage" message again
> that means that this is no a legal
> CVSROOT string.

We need to know the exact version of CVS/CVSNT you are using on the server 
and the client, and the server OS and client OS.

cvs --version

As Todd mentioned on the cvs newsgroup - mixing sandboxes between cygwin and 
windows is a bad idea.  Can you explain what you are trying to do in terms 
of workflow?


Arthur Barrett

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