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str shlomot at dsp.co.il
Mon May 26 05:12:14 BST 2008


Thanks for your help,

If I avoid using the windows cvs, but use only the cvs installed by the 

This case, how can I setup the CVSROOT ?



"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
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> The Cygwin was installed in order to use the native XEMACS
> (it seems that when using XEMACS this way, there is no option
> to configure
> the XEMACS to use "eternal windows cvs"

In that case the XEMACS you are using is probably also a cygwin app.
Cygwin is not simply a bunch of programs - it is a replacement for the
Microsoft C runtime that behaves like unix not like windows.  That means
any file that cygwin produces is NOT a windows file (there are options
buried in Cygwin which you can set to make it create 'windows-like'
files).  Therefore files created in Cygwin by xemacs or any other cygwin
app cannot be read 'correctly' by non-cygwin apps.  So even if you could
'point' your cygwin xemacs to a non-cygwin cvs (CVSNT) then you would
end up with a corrupt result since the windows based CVSNT would read
the files incorrectly.

If you really want xemacs to use CVSNT rather than cygwin cvs, find
where the cygwin cvs is installed (probably something like
c:\cygwin\bin, or c:\cygwin\usr\bin) and uninstall it, download the
2.5.04 zip file of CVSNT binaries and extract them (preserving
directories) into the c:\cygwin\bin directory (or whereever).

However if you do that you'll probably end up with a corrupt repository
unless you find and set all the cygwin settings that control line
endings of files (should be CR+LF).



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