[cvsnt] Binary Diff of CVSNT problem

Stefano Regno stefano.regno at spesonline.com
Mon May 26 11:32:54 BST 2008

Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Stefano,
>> on linux there isn't concept  of  file extension like windws(i don't 
>> have .exe or .bat or similar), so I need a particular client 
>> to commit 
>> this type of files thet can do a binery diff (there is for example a 
>> version of WinCVS to do thet?) For example an extension of 
>> winCVS to say 
>> it: commit this file like binary (and apply during commit all cool 
>> option like -B when doing binary diff).
> If the file 'foo' is binary - just add it as binary:
> cvs add -kB foo
> cvs ci -m "this will be binary"
> Regards,
> Arthur
Yes i know for me is simple, but my users working with graphical 
interfaces like WinCVS or Eclipse and they dosn't know how building this 
type of commit i need same extension of thet client to build this type 
of commit simple using thet gaphical interfaces

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