[cvsnt] Merging problems, getting strange conflicts....

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue May 27 01:01:35 BST 2008


> Now my TCPIP branch is working fine and I need to move it to TRUNK. In
> preparation for this I merged HEAD into the branch and solved the
> conflicts (because HEAD had changed a lot less than Branch over the
> months). I thought that by doing this the final merge from branch to
> trunk would be almost automatic.

There was a really long thread on this ages ago.  I think Gerhard was
involved in a lot of it and may even have written something up
afterwards in the wiki.  The short summary is that CVSNT cannot do
bidirectional merging.  I think after that discussion Tony may have made
some changes to the merge code to support a single suggestion that was
made - if I'm remembering correctly then that'll be in 2.5.04 only and I
think your production system is 2.5.03 - but I'm not sure it'd cover
this case.

The recommended approach is to merge branch to trunk with no merge from
trunk to branch (you did this as a 'prep' step which is simply
unnecessary since the trunk is not locked or changed until you actually
commit the merge.  Alternativly there is the 'copy branch to trunk' or
'make trunk equivalent to branch' method.



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