[cvsnt] Merging problems, getting strange conflicts....

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Tue May 27 02:47:54 BST 2008

Arthur Barrett wrote:

>> Now my TCPIP branch is working fine and I need to move it to TRUNK. In
>> preparation for this I merged HEAD into the branch and solved the
>> conflicts (because HEAD had changed a lot less than Branch over the
>> months). I thought that by doing this the final merge from branch to
>> trunk would be almost automatic.
> There was a really long thread on this ages ago.  I think Gerhard was
> involved in a lot of it and may even have written something up
> afterwards in the wiki.  

The discussion was on the EVS list, IIRC. It was very helpful and
enlightening for me.

How to merge back:

> The recommended approach is to merge branch to trunk with no merge from
> trunk to branch (you did this as a 'prep' step which is simply
> unnecessary since the trunk is not locked or changed until you actually
> commit the merge.  Alternativly there is the 'copy branch to trunk' or
> 'make trunk equivalent to branch' method.

The latter is achieved with the method in the wiki FAQ (it's a custom


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