[cvsnt] Help needed in contacting AVG regarding false positives onWin32/Heur

Glen Starrett glen.starrett at march-hare.com
Fri May 30 17:05:01 BST 2008

Luigi D. Sandon wrote:
> We occasionally had some reports from paranoid people who set every slider 
> to "max"...

I have it installed on my personal PC, and there's just a single 
checkbox (that is set by default) for "Use Heuristics" -- no slider or 
other settings.

If you happen to also have "Automatically heal/remove infected files", 
then CVSNT (or CVS Suite / components of WinCVS / components of 
TortoiseCVS) just disappears.

The workaround is to either disable heuristics or add CVSNT / CVS Suite 
/ TortoiseCVS / etc. to the "exclude" list.  Hopefully the vendor will 
correct the problem with their scanner.

I did report the issue, but it would be helpful if other licensed AVG 
users reported as well so they can get a more accurate priority for 
correcting the problem.


Glen Starrett
Technical Account Manager, North America
March Hare Software, LLC


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