[cvsnt] Latest Updates - CVSNT 2.5.04 Build 3236 (stable)

Luigi D. Sandon cp at sandon.it
Wed Nov 5 10:38:08 GMT 2008

1) When I installed it without uninstalling 2.5.03 first ended up in a 
missing icon in control panel. Does it require to uninstall the previous 
version first? If so it should not go on if it detects a previous 

2) The uninstaller showed me dialogs with several boxes instead of actual 
characters. It looks to need fonts or font support which is not installed by 
default, especially on a server.
3) Now how to install the client is not clear at all. Trying to downloading 
the client download the trial, but then what is trial and what is not is not 
very clear.

Luigi D. Sandon 

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